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JQuery & CSS

მონაცემები სიახლეზე
სიახლის სახელი: JQuery & CSS tutotial
ავტორი: creed
წყარო: tutorialzine
საიხლის კატეგორია: Grapic


ეს ბადი ტეგებს შორის
<div class="main">

    <p title="A New Tutorial Every Week" style="top:200px;left:120px;">

        This slideout is going to open to the bottom-right (the default).


    <p title="2200+ Twitter Followers" class="openTop openLeft blue" style="top:400px;left:650px;">

        This slideout is going to open to the top-left.


    <p title="Over 5000 RSS Subscribers" class="openTop red" style="top:500px;left:90px;">

        This slideout is going to open to the top-right.



<div class="slideOutTip openLeft blue" style="left:100px;top:200px">

    <div class="tipVisible">

        <div class="tipIcon"><div class="plusIcon"></div></div>

        <p class="tipTitle">The title of the slideout</p>


    <div class="slideOutContent">

        <p>Slideout Content</p>



ეს CSS-ში


    /* The main wrapping div of the slideout tips */












    /* Applying a CSS3 outer glow on hover */

    -moz-box-shadow:0 0 1px #999;

    -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 1px #999;

    box-shadow:0 0 1px #999;


/* The holder for the title and the icon: */

.tipVisible{ cursor:pointer; height:22px; }



    font-family:'Myriad Pro',Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;












    border:1px solid #70c244;


    /* CSS3 Rounded corners */





ესეც CSS-ში (ჯობს ამისთვის ახალი სიესეს პაპკა გააკეთოთ)
/* Three color themes */

.green .tipIcon{ background-color:#61b035; border:1px solid #70c244; }

.blue .tipIcon{ background-color:#1078C7; border:1px solid #1e82cd; }

.red .tipIcon{ background-color:#CD3A12; border:1px solid #da421a; }


    /* The plus icon */



    background:url('img/plus.gif') no-repeat center center;


    /* Defining a CSS3 animation. Currently only works in Chrome and Safari */

    -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0.2s linear;

    -moz-transition: -moz-transform 0.2s linear;

    transition: transform 0.2s linear;


.slideOutTip.isOpened{ z-index:10000; }

.slideOutTip.isOpened .plusIcon{

    /* Applying a CSS3 rotation  to the opened slideouts*/





/* Special rules for the left and top - opening versions */

.openLeft .tipIcon{

    /* Floating the title and the icon to the right */

    margin:0 0 0 8px;



.openLeft .tipTitle{ float:right; padding:0 0 0 5px; }

.openLeft .slideOutContent{ margin-top:22px; }

.openLeft.openTop .slideOutContent{ margin-top:0; }


    /* Hiding the div with the slide out content: */





/* Hiding the original paragraphs if they have not been replaced (JS disabled): */

.main > p{ display:none; }

ეს გაუშვით JS-ში

    /* The code here is executed on page load */

    /* Replacing all the paragraphs */

    $('.main p').replaceWith(function(){


            The style, class and title attributes of the p

            are copied to the slideout:


        return '\

        <div class="slideOutTip '+$(this).attr('class')+'" style="'+$(this).attr('style')+'">\


            <div class="tipVisible">\

                <div class="tipIcon"><div class="plusIcon"></div></div>\

                <p class="tipTitle">'+$(this).attr('title')+'</p>\



            <div class="slideOutContent">\







            Implicitly defining the width of the slideouts according to the

            width of its title, because IE fails to calculate it on its own.




    /* Listening for the click event: */


        var tip = $(this).parent();

        /* If a open/close animation is in progress, exit the function */


            return false;

        if(tip.find('.slideOutContent').css('display') == 'none')




        else tip.trigger('slideIn');


ესეც გაუშვით JS-ში (ჯობია ამისთვის ახალი JS პაპკა გააკეთოთ)

    var tip = $(this);

    var slideOut = tip.find('.slideOutContent');

    /* Closing all currently open slideouts: */


    /* Executed only the first time the slideout is clicked: */



        tip .data('origWidth',tip.width())






                If this slideout opens to the top, instead of the bottom,

                calculate the distance to the bottom and fix the slideout to it.



                bottom  : tip.parent().height()-(tip.position().top+tip.outerHeight()),

                top     : 'auto'



                Fixing the title to the bottom of the slideout,

                so it is not slid to the top on open:




                Moving the content above the title, so it can

                slide-open to the top:







                If this slideout opens to the left, fix it to the right so

                the left edge can expand without moving the entire div:



                right   : Math.abs(tip.parent().outerWidth()-(tip.position().left+tip.outerWidth())),

                left    : 'auto'





    /* Resize the slideout to fit the content, which is then faded into view: */


        width   : Math.max(slideOut.outerWidth(),'origWidth')),

        height  : slideOut.outerHeight()'origHeight')




ესეც გაუშვით JS-ში (ჯობია ამისთვის ახალი JS პაპკა გააკეთოთ)
    }).bind('slideIn',function(){ // Binding the slideIn event to .slideOutTip

        var tip = $(this);

        /* Hide the content and restore the original size of the slideout: */



                width   :'origWidth'),

                height  :'origHeight')






}); /* Closing $(document).ready() */

P.S - კიდევ დაიდება ამდაგვარი შინაარსის სიახლეები ჩემგან
ტეგები css, js, javascript, menu, other

ავტორი: creed ნანახია: 1055 | კომენტარი: 2 | Grapic | 6-04-2012, 20:38
JQuery & CSS
2By: creed Elite Members
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