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NEW Webcam Chat Script 2010

User features

[*] Visitors
o Registration
o Login
o Password Recovery
o Browse performers, view profiles, view video streaming from users where allowed

[*] All Members
o Create profile and upload picture a picture on registration
o Edit profile answers
o Manage profile pictures
o Crop profile pictures
o View account wallet balance
o Affiliate program
o Invite friends
o Add profiles to favourites
o Message profile

[*] Performers
o Perform panel
+ Perform and wait for a customer
# Host a personal room
# Join a public room
+ Settings (setup custom cost per minute)
+ View stats for selected period
o Edit payment withdrawal details
o Search trough site member profiles

[*] Site Members
o Buy credits
o Manage creditcards (if direct charge is setup)
o Search trough performer profiles
o Join online performers in public, hosted chat rooms if available
o Invite perfomers to paid private chat sessions
o Sent offline invitation is performer is online but now chatting
o Send message if performer is not online

[*] Affiliates
o View affiliate program details
o Edit payment details
o Get link code
o View transfers

[*] Webmaster & Administrators
o Multiple custom administrators
o Approve profiles, pictures
o Process payments, withdrawals
o Search trough members
o Answer ticketrs
o Edit settings
o Monitor realtime and close chat sessions, private rooms
o View website income, member income, member expenses stats (including graphics)

Software Features

Video Girls BiZ is based on these Datetopia packages:

[*] 100% web based videochat software (Video Flash Chat)
[*] profiles management and matchmaking software (Match Agency)
[*] website tools & content management software (Ateom)

[*] Video Flash Chat
o Template based
o Emoticons
o Profile details
o Private chat
o Custom public rooms
o ...
[*] Match Agency
o Custom member groups
o Custom registration types
o Custom membership upgrade packages
o Custom profile questions and profile categories
o Advanced matchmaking calculations
o Matchmaking newsletters
o ...
[*] Ateom
o Template based website
o Multi language website
o Content Management System
o Rotating banners
o Support tickets
ტეგები NEW Webcam Chat Script 2010

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NEW Webcam Chat Script 2010
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